We are anime lovers.

Our childhood was full of anime.

The anime masterpieces that enriched our lives used to lead us into fantastic worlds. Thanks to the legacy of these masterpieces, they are expanding their horizons to other media like games, creating new markets, and spreading anime culture.

But in the anime culture up to Web2, we were just spectators.

We will bring authentic anime culture to Web3.

Web3's horizons are open for users to become owners, and here we seize the opportunity to spread the anime culture we love.
Our goals are not just limited to PFP or P2E games. In Web3, we are no longer spectators but participants and can even become the protagonists of the fantasy world of the anime metaverse. We want to build a world where your imagination and ideas can become stories and reality. Web3 pioneers who love anime, join us for the project <Etheruko>, the beginning of a great journey.

Etheruko, a superpower who overcome the pandemic virus with Ether.

In 2038, there is an undead virus pandemic that causes mutations in human DNA. Infected people show various symptoms and, in fatal cases, turn into extremely violent undead. Genius scientist V.E developed Ether, a virus treatment, but once it becomes undead, it cannot be cured. However, some people who used Ether gained superpowers they had never seen before, and the more they used Ether, the stronger their abilities. People called these super humans Etheruko, which means children of the ether.

Among the Etherukos, there are those who try to help humans with their superpowers, but there are those who can't control their power and cause disasters, and there are those who use their superpowers to bring chaos called "Outlaws.”

Due to the virus’s spread, the undead flocked to the city, New Tokyo was isolated by the district, and the central government was paralyzed. The militia in the district alone was insufficient to defend the undead, and the situation only worsened. In this situation, the district leaders asked Etherukos to establish an Etheruko office to defend the city from undead and outlaws, solve the city's problems, and rebuild the city.

Play and earn: an anime-style city RPG

Establish an Etheruko office and recruit Etherukos to save New Tokyo from disaster. Send Etherukos to deal with emergencies and defeat the undead and outlaws. Don't forget to train and prepare your Etherukos properly. Of course, conversations for their mental care are also essential.

Rebuild the city with other users' Etheruko offices. You can join the district community by establishing an Etheruko office in the district. Build buildings with the community and get specialties from them. The entire community can benefit from this district rebuilding activity. Defend your district with your community and secure colonies before others.


Genesis NFT: The Etheruko Universe Creator

Genesis NFTs are the first New Tokyo citizens to gain superpowers from the Ether. These pioneers have the ability to pass on superpowers to ordinary people and turn them into Etheruko, the superpowered.

Genesis NFT holders are the creators of the Etheruko Universe and core members of the community. Genesis NFT holders have full ownership rights for personal and commercial use. Among other things, Genesis NFT holders have exclusive minting rights for Etheruko NFTs. The tangible and intangible assets created by Genesis NFT will be integrated into Etheruko Metaverse content and Etheru Labs' business in the future.

Etheruko NFT, a disciple of Genesis, makes P&E possible.

These are superpowers who have inherited their abilities from Genesis. They are grateful for their superpowers and want to join the Genesis NFT crew.

Build a team of Etheruko Offices by collecting Etheruko NFTs to solve district missions and defend against the undead. It is recommended to have various Etheruko NFTs required for various missions such as combat, crafting, construction, and firefighting. Etherukos receive rewards from missions and develop their abilities.